At Uncharted Cruises, we understand that every traveler is unique, with distinct desires, schedules, and dreams. This is why we craft personalized liveaboard experiences that cater to your varying needs.

Whether you're seeking a brief escape of 5 days amidst the cerulean waters or yearning for a deep dive into the Indonesian archipelago for 20 days or more, our flexible schedules are designed with you in mind. Each journey with us unveils new horizons, hidden gems, and immersive experiences, making every day aboard Thalassa a tale of discovery.

Imagine curating your adventure, setting the course of the voyage, and experiencing the unparalleled luxury and privacy of having Thalassa, with its skilled crew, all to yourself.

Our pricing structure mirrors our commitment to transparency and value. Detailed below, you will find a comprehensive guide to our rates, offerings, and exclusive packages. We prioritize ensuring that the essence of the Indonesian seas – its beauty, mystery, and allure – remains accessible, without compromising on luxury and comfort.

For booking a charter experience:

  • Inquire with us about your charter via WhatsApp or Email.
  • Review and discuss your charter options with personalized help from our experienced team.
  • Plan the details of your trip.
  • Confirm and pay.
  • Embark on your adventure in Indonesia.
  • Take home photos and memories, and plan your next voyage with us.

Our full board Charter price is Euro 3.950 per night. The below itineraries can be booked via our booking platform inseanq and are an indication of trips and products we offer. These can nonetheless be adapted and reviewed based on your schedule (pending availability).

Here you will find our pricing, inclusions & exclusions, and our terms & conditions:


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