Our story

The story of Uncharted Cruises began with two friends that share a passion for diving and an insatiable thirst for adventure. Individually drawn to Indonesia's mystic waters, the two adventurers embarked on their own voyages of discovery, each uncovering unique hidden treasures that the archipelago held beneath its surface. United by their love for exploration and a deep-rooted connection to Indonesia, the duo soon realized that they shared a dream beyond the realms of mere diving trips.

Robert and Patrick have collectively logged thousands of dives throughout Indonesia and various corners of the globe, participating both as guests and crew members on multiple liveaboard voyages. With their combined expertise, they were able to envision a liveaboard company that went beyond the ordinary and delved into the remote and unexplored corners of Indonesia. And so, Uncharted Cruises was born.

Behind Uncharted Cruises

Patrick & Robert

Patrick and Robert met many years ago, working as dive instructors, dive shop managers and cruise directors in Komodo National Park and beyond. During this time both of them kept marvelling at the Phinisi Boats operating as dive liveaboards. Together they dreamt of one day creating their very own, reflecting their spirit of adventure and discovery of uncharted realms throughout the Indonesian archipelago. In November 2022 they kicked-off the beginning of their dream!

Our Dream

At Uncharted Cruises we combine our passion for exploratory and expedition diving with a deep commitment to wildlife conservation and respect for nature and the diversity of cultures. What sets Uncharted Cruises apart is our unwavering dedication to discovering the wonders of the sea and land, while prioritizing the protection of the environment and the communities we visit. We offer an unparalleled diving and cultural experience, where our guests can explore remote and untouched destinations while making a positive impact on the planet.

beautiful scenery of east flores and alor, Indonesia


Eco-Friendly Practices

We pledge to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes sustainably sourced ironwood and teak for the construction of the boat, going paperless, reducing single-use plastics on board, utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products, and implementing waste management practices that prioritize recycling and proper disposal.

beautiful scenery of east flores and alor, Indonesia


Marine Conservation

We are committed to protecting Indonesia's marine ecosystems. This includes adhering to mooring guidelines to prevent damage to coral reefs, supporting marine protected areas, and educating guests about responsible practices. Guests are provided with information and educational materials about the fragile ecosystems they'll encounter. Through onboard presentations, discussions, and guided activities, travellers gain an understanding of the marine life, ecosystems, and conservation challenges in the region.


Local Partnerships

We actively seek partnerships with local communities, ensuring that their needs are respected and that economic benefits are shared. This includes sourcing fresh produce and products from local markets and supporting local artisans and community-based initiatives.


Cultural Respect

Cultural sensitivity and respect are paramount. The company ensures that interactions with local communities are conducted with appreciation for their traditions and heritage. This might involve educating guests about cultural norms, promoting fair trade practices, and offering opportunities for cultural exchange.


Sustainable Cuisine

We emphasize sourcing sustainable seafood and purchasing directly from local farmers for onboard meals. Menus may be crafted to minimize the environmental impact of food choices and to support local people and communities.


Green Technology

Efforts are made to minimize the carbon footprint of the liveaboard operations by using green technology and practices. This might involve optimizing navigation routes for fuel efficiency, using energy-efficient technologies, and using renewable energy sources like solar power.


Data Collection and Research

We hope to collaborate with research institutions or environmental organizations to gather data on marine life, coral health, and other ecological aspects, contributing to scientific understanding and conservation efforts.